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The fantasy sports industry continues to evolve and Fanduel.com is looking to capitalize on the largest growing sector: Daily Fantasy Sports. Fantasy sports enthusiasts around the country are competing against each other in one-day fantasy leagues and a lot of knowledgeable sports fans are starting to turn their fantasy insight into significant cash earnings. The concept is brilliant but Fanduel is not be the best site to play Daily Fantasy.

The game-play on Fanduel is mediocre. One major problem is that it is impossible to draft a competitive team without using other websites. Fanduel fails to offer simple things like injury status, opposing pitcher, and recent statistics. DraftStreet.com is the only other big player in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry and they seem to be taking over the top spot. Not only does DraftStreet provide these simple bits of info, they also provide Player Profiles containing situational stats and player news. The best aspect of these profiles is the game logs, where you can easily see how a player has performed recently on a game-by-game basis. The key factors are the opponent, minutes played and fantasy points scored... As a user, you want to see how Kevin Love has performed on DraftStreet recently and you don't want to have to go to NBA.com and add up all the stats to figure it out. Fanduel does not provide game logs or even player profiles of any kind.

For baseball, Fanduel's roster is 9 slots: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF, P. Separating outfielders into LF, CF and RF is really unnecessary and uncommon in fantasy baseball. DraftStreet's roster (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF, 2 U, 2 SP, RP, P) provides opportunities for different strategies with the flexibility of two utility spots and four pitchers. On Fanduel, you only get one pitcher and you absolutely must take a stud pitcher in that spot or you can't even compete. This is due to the flawed pricing model for player salaries on Fanduel. The top pitchers are never above $9,900 while they average four times as many fantasy points as hitters who cost over $5,000... it makes no sense.

If you are not familiar with salary cap style drafting it's pretty simple. You have a set budget to spend on fantasy players who each have set salaries based on projected fantasy production. You must fill your roster and stay within the budget to have a valid team. The team with the most fantasy points wins. DraftStreet's prices are much more accurate than Fanduel's and this is a big deal. With Salary Cap leagues there is potential to have some of the same players as your opponents. and on Fanduel you will usually have at least half the same team as your opponent because those players were so obviously underpriced. DraftStreet sets new player salaries every day and requires users to put a little thought into their picks.

Fanduel also comes up short with their technology. Salary cap drafts are the most popular draft-style in the industry, but live drafts are becoming more and more popular. Fanduel does not offer any form of live draft, but DraftStreet offers live "snake-drafts", with smooth, user-friendly draft rooms and leagues ranging from 2-6 players. When it comes time to watch your team perform, DraftStreet provides superior live scoreboards which include Player Minutes Remaining (PMR) among other things that Fanduel does not have.

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