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DraftStreet.com is the fastest growing website in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry. They offer daily and weekly fantasy leagues for cash and there is a lot of action on this site. It is no surprise that DraftStreet continues to grow at such a high rate. The design, gameplay and game models are second to none. And, this site is legit; customer service is very good and withdrawing money is quick and painless. Launching only last August, DraftStreet has had a couple bumps in the road, mainly with scoreboards stalling, but they handled the issues quickly and proved to their loyal userbase that they are on top of their game.

With the poker-style lobby on the homepage, you can use filters to easily find the league you're looking for (sport, draft-style, buy-in, duration, and players). The Draft Rooms are very intuitive and supply users with everything they need to create a competitive team. They have player stats in the player pool with stats from 2009, 2010 or "last 15 days". You can filter by position if you're just looking to fill your last roster spot, and you can also filter by team if you know you want someone on a specific team tonight. Also, the "Full Profiles" for every player are great. They provide relevant statistics and gamelogs showing a breakdown of each game for that player.

The draft rooms are no doubt impressive, but it is the live scoreboards that make DraftStreet the best site in the industry by a long shot. With the chatbox on the side of every page, you can see how many users are online and this number increases tenfold at night time when users are glued to their computer viewing DraftStreet scoreboards. The scoring feed is provided by STATS Inc. and the scoreboards are updating quickly and accurately. You can see players' stats and fantasy points for your team and any of your opponents.

If the quality of the site isn't enough to set DraftStreet apart, the actual game rules and settings will tilt the scale. No kickers, two quarterbacks... seems obvious for a daily fantasy site, but no other site thought of this. I wonder if DraftStreet got many complaints from people who just really wanted a specific kicker for one week... doubt it. And DraftStreet's fantasy salaries are maybe the most impressive. Not sure how they do it, but the salaries and budget really create some interesting decisions to be made. The skill is to find a sleeper or two and then pick out which studs you like best for their matchup. The low amount of overlap is a testament to the quality of their pricing model.

If you are looking for some instant one-night action, an activity to keep you busy for 45 minutes during the day, or a way to put your fantasy skills to the test and earn some real cash then DraftStreet is the spot. There is a wide range of skill level amongst players on DraftStreet but you might want to start out in the lower stakes leagues ($2, $5 or $11) to get a handle on things before you step it up with the big boys. Good luck.

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Draftstreet.com appears to be a major player currently and in the future of the daily fantasy sports industry. Checkout this announcement about Draftstreet on Yahoo!

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